Live at the Apple Store S.F.

The S.F. Apple Store building

The Apple flagship store in S.F.

The Nickel Slots were approached by longtime Sacramento promoter Jerry Perry about playing the Apple flagship store in San Francisco. When I found out, it felt just like the first time I turned on my first iPhone. I was excited, I was overwhelmed, and I felt special.

I was excited because I have been an Apple user since the mid-’90s. I began using Apple computers in college when I was a biology major. As my focus in school changed to graphic design, I quickly realized the Mac was the tool of the trade. I am an Apple fanboy. For me, performing songs with my band on the stage of the Apple flagship store is the equivalent of a Giants fan getting to run the bases at AT&T Park. We had to do it!

I was overwhelmed because it didn’t seem real at first. I kept thinking it was going to fall through and not happen. For me it was a bit surreal. But it did happen, and it was fantastic. Jerry Perry confirmed to us that Apple accepted his request for us to perform there. Prior to the show Apple featured a photo and writeup of The Nickel Slots on their webpage for the San Francisco store.

I felt special because this was a unique opportunity and it was handed to us. It seemed like some reward for our dedicated efforts as a working band. When we arrived at Apple to perform, staff members helped us load in and set up, they provided us with cell phone chargers for our iPhones, and they treated us like rock stars. The store had created large posters with the band’s name and photo advertising our show, and to top it off, every monitor above the Genius Bar had our image displayed! We performed on the same stage as the Doobie Brothers, and our longtime friend from the Sacramento music scene Eric Bianchi provided the sound. We had a great turnout of family, friends, and fans. Indeed it was a special night for all of us. I hope we get invited back!

For the record, all four members of The Nickel Slots have iPhones and Macs.


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