The tattoos behind the drum kit

Chris getting tattooed by Ian Carder

When people see me in person they will notice that my arms are full with tattoos. My fascination with tattoos started at an early age. I remember when I was just a kid and one of the members in my parents’ band showed up to practice at my parent’s house with a bandage on his […]

New music video: “On the Wall”


On Tuesday, August 19th, The Nickel Slots released our new music video for “On The Wall” from our third album, Let It Ride. The video was directed by Jason Knight and Sean Kime, who also directed our video for “The Devil’s Chain Gang.” We are very proud of this video, and it was a pleasure […]

Family in Bonn, Germany

Steve, Tony, and Chris backstage at Bob Dylan's show in Bonn

About a year and half ago I became good friends with one of the dads whose son was on my son Bryan’s baseball team.  One day at their practice we started talking and the first thing he recognized was the Exploited T-shirt that I was wearing, so naturally the conversation moved to music.  It was […]


Wrestling action

On January 7th The Nickel Slots had the opportunity to play at Supreme Pro Wrestling’s (SPW) PunkSlam wrestling event. Allow me to explain SPW. It is the Sacramento area’s independent wrestling promotion organization. They will actually be celebrating their 12th anniversary April 22nd with an action-packed ticket. If you have never been to an SPW […]