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Photo of Tony's music room

Where the (sometimes) magic happens!

Ever wonder where Nickel Slots songs come from? Well, songwriter Tony Brusca is constantly coming up with ideas to share with the band. Tony records all his work and shares songs he thinks may work for The Nickel Slots. As you wait for the new Nickel Slots album to be released this February, we thought it would be fun to share some of the demos Tony has recorded over the years that made it onto a Nickel Slots album!

Every Sunday until the NEW NICKEL SLOTS ALBUM is released, we will be posting an early demo of one of our old songs. Some of the demos you will hear were recorded on Tony’s TASCAM digital studio. Others were recorded directly onto his iPhone. And several are actually old cassette tape demos(!) that Tony has transferred to digital files.

As you will see, some of the songs sound fairly similar to the eventual Nickel Slots version, while others took some twists and turns before winding up a TNS gem! We hope you enjoy these “first” versions Tony recorded of your favorite TNS tunes.

Sunday, February 17: The Door (2017)

From the new album Pack up All Regrets

Sunday, February 10: Evolution (2008)

Sunday, February 3: Shirley (2010)

Sunday, January 27: 120 Days and 120 Nights (2008)

Sunday, January 20: Back Down (2011)

Sunday, January 13: Time to Move On (2010)

Sunday, January 6: Cory B. (1987)

Sunday, December 30: Come Back (2006)

Sunday, December 23: Five Miles Gone (2010)

Sunday, December 16: One Foot in the Gutter (2013)

Sunday, December 9: Old Guitar (2013)

Sunday, December 2: You Can’t Kill Time (2007)

Sunday, November 25: Garberville (2010)

Sunday, November 18: Freedom (2012)

Sunday, November 4: A Life So Unpredictable (2007)

Sunday, October 28: Let Your Demons Out (2011)

Sunday, October 21: Dry Town (2012)

Sunday, October 14: Stop Sign (1988)

Sunday, October 7: 49-51 (2011)

Sunday, September 30: Let It Ride (2011)

Sunday, September 23: The Devil’s Chain Gang (2010)

Sunday, September 16: Race Horse Runnin’ (1985)

Sunday, September 9: Lucky Number 7s (2008)

Sunday, September 2: Comfort (2008)

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