June: A special show in a cool venue

Hey y’all, Kenny Franklin Valentine here to tell you what’s up with The Nickel Slots in June.

Classin’ it up

The Nickel Slots onstage at the Woodland Opera House

Onstage at the Woodland Opera House

I’m real excited ’cause the next show the boys are playin’ is right in my hometown, Woodland CA! They’re doin’ a show at the Woodland Opera House on Saturday with Roadhouse 5, the band that features Chris’ and Steve’s parents. I’ve seen plenty of shows at the Opera House over the years, and it’s a great-sounding hall. You can bring your kids to this one at a discounted price. Here’s where you can buy tickets. Half of your ticket price goes to support the Opera House, a state historic park that’s hurtin’ for funding.

The Woodland Opera House is also a special place to Steve and Chris, who grew up here like me. Check out this blog entry where Steve shares a memory of the place from when he was a kid.

Outdoors in Davis

A week later the Slots will be playing at the second annual Davis Music Festival. This one’s bigger and better than last year with something like forty acts on eight stages around downtown Davis, many of them cool places you already go to hear live music. The Nickel Slots are on the one outdoor stage, on Second Street between G and H Streets. The festival benefits the Davis School Arts Foundation, which is a pretty good cause and another reason to get over and check it out. If I can scrape together the cash to get the Camaro fixed, I’m gonna head down 113 and do that.


Those of you in the Bay Area get another crack at the boys at the end of the month when they return to Hotel Utah, where I hear a pretty good time was had by those who went to the April show! The Nickel Slots play second that night and could use your support. Go have a drink or two at a place whose history includes gangsters, Marilyn Monroe, and Robin Williams. Last chance to catch the Slots before they set off on their European tour!

See you at a show sometime…


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