Headed for Europe again

Hey y’all, Kenny Franklin Valentine here to tell you what’s up with The Nickel Slots in June.

Woodland on Saturday

I’m always fired up when the Slots play my hometown of Woodland, and this Saturday (June 7th) I’ll be full-on fired up! Not just Woodland, but one of my favorite bars, the Stag. I have made many a bad decision in that place. This is the boys’ last Sacramento-area show until late July, so get on out and see ‘em!

Bon voyage
Airplane over a map of Europe

The Nickel Slots’ private tour jet

I think that’s what they say over in Belgium, but I’m not sure. The Nickel Slots will spend the second half of June there, playing thirteen shows from June 19th to 29th in Belgium and the Netherlands. Pretty cool. They’ll be blogging and sharing video during this tour like they did two years ago, so check out this site every day or two and follow along!

See you at a show sometime…

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