Thanksgiving weekend is about your Hips

Hey y’all, Kenny Franklin Valentine here to tell you what’s up with The Nickel Slots in November.

Third time’s a charm

The Mother Hips logoThe boys are really excited to announce a show with The Mother Hips! These guys are legendary Bay Area rockers. If you’re skeptical because you remember a couple of previous cancellations when the Slots were gonna open for the Hips, this one’s different. The other shows fell through because of the club booker who set them up, but this show is at a different club and the boys booked it through The Mother Hips. It’s gonna be a great night, with The Nickel Slots kicking things off. I’ll see you at the Powerhouse Pub at 9pm on November 24th.

But not before I see you at the G Street WunderBar this Saturday the 10th for a free Nickel Slots show!

Press Record

Thumbnail from videoThe Nickel Slots have been blogging on their website since April, and until now that’s just been plain old text. But they recently posted their first video blog entry. Check it out to see a tour of their practice pad, find out why Steve is so excited about Saturday’s show with 50-Watt Heavy, and hear the band rehearse a new Nickel Slots song. Sweet!

Not this year

Thanks to all of you who voted for The Nickel Slots in this year’s Sammie Awards–the band really appreciates your support! Unfortunately, they didn’t win this year. Congrats to Whiskey Dawn (who the boys tied with two years ago) for winning Outstanding Americana/Alt-Country.

See you at a show sometime…


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