The new website is here!

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The Nickel Slots (photo by Kiny McCarrick)

Hey y’all, Kenny Franklin Valentine here to tell you what’s up with The Nickel Slots in April. I’m a good friend of these guys. They wrote a couple songs about me that you might know. Anyway, one of the books that the Yolo Hilton lets inmates borrow is about web stuff, and I’ve had a few chances to study it, so the band let me put together a new website for them. I also get to write monthly messages for them now. rises again

The new website’s got lots of stuff that the old site didn’t have, and it should cause me and Lord Calvert spent a lot of time workin on it. One of the things I like most is that you can listen to Nickel Slots songs on any page with the player at the bottom. There’s also a Blog now where each of the boys and me will post when we got somethin to say. And the Photos and Video pages always show the latest stuff that I put on their Flickr and YouTube accounts!

There’s lots more to see, like the lyrics to each song in the Music section if you want to find out about me, so check it out. And after I get my wife detoxed again there’s a few other things I’m gonna work on adding. Anyway, this site is the place to come back to for the latest Nickel Slots stuff. Bookmark it!

Tell your Mother

I’m really excited to let you know that the boys will be opening for The Mother Hips on April 20th. I saw the Hips play 20 years ago when a childhood buddy invited me up to a college party in Chico, and though that night is kinda fuzzy in my memory I have followed them ever since. They have a cool mellow sound they call “California Soul,” but all I know is that the harmonies sound great. I think the folks at Toot’s Tavern got it right putting them together with The Nickel Slots. Get your tickets now!

Lots more shows

You don’t have to wait until the 20th to get out and see the Slots, cause they’ll be back at the G Street WunderBar on Friday. They tell me they’ll be playing two sets after the Foxtails finish up. And a couple of weeks later they’ll play two shows in one day, one in Sac and one in San Francisco. The first is a benefit for mental illness called NAMIWalk: check out this article the band wrote, it seems like a fun time. Then that night they’re back at Hotel Utah, where they packed the house in December. Did I mention a Cesar Chavez Park show on May 18th? More on that next time.

See you at a show sometime…


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