Your very own Nickel Slots house concert!

Three band members around one mic with Chris on congasWe’re busy right now booking shows for this summer in large outdoor venues: festivals, park concerts, county fairs and such. To make sure we don’t get too bored with these wide open spaces, we want to play at least one intimate show. So we’re going to give one lucky Nickel Slots fan a house concert this summer!

Here’s how it works: from now through the end of April, add a comment on this post to tell us which Nickel Slots song is your favorite and why. Any song we play is fair game, including covers and new originals that aren’t on either of our albums. Just the title’s not enough, we want to know why it’s your favorite! On May 1st, we’ll pick one of those posts out of Tony’s stage hat to find out whose house we’re playing at.

Got a group of friends you like to party with? Get ‘em all to enter this contest, and if any one of you wins you all win! So tell us your fave now. We’ll bring the sound equipment, you bring the right people! The detailed rules are below.

See you in your living room this summer!
–Chris, Paul, Steve, and Tony

Contest rules:

Comments placed on this page on or before April 30th that name a Nickel Slots song and a reason for liking it will be considered entries. One entry allowed per person (you can only have one favorite Nickel Slots song!). On May 1st, a random drawing from those entries will determine the winner.

Winner receives a one-hour performance by The Nickel Slots at a location of their choosing within 100 miles of Sacramento, CA. The event must be held on a mutually agreeable date and time no later than October 5th, 2013 to be determined no later than May 31, 2013. Winner is responsible for providing the venue, providing electricity,  securing any necessary permits, and is considered the host of the event for liability purposes (in other words, it’s your party, we’re just the entertainment). If performance is to be held outdoors, The Nickel Slots reserve the right to cancel due to weather. We’ll do our best to reschedule a new date by the October 5th deadline.

Winner cannot charge admission to the performance. We’re already giving you a free concert, you don’t get to make money on it too!

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