Festival Saturday

The Eddy Rock festival

Eddy Rock, the festival in a bar's back yard

Usually, Saturday is a day for relaxing. Watch the game, chill with friends, go do something carefree. But on this tour, Saturday was for workin’. The Nickel Slots played four sets yesterday at two different festivals.

The first “festival,” called Eddy Rock, earned those quote marks because it felt like someone’s backyard party. The yard actually belonged to a bar, but still it felt strange to load in our gear over a broken back fence and through a tangle of undergrowth.

After our one-hour set at Eddy Rock, we loaded out quickly and headed north to the Netherlands for what we assumed would be another set at Zomerfeest (Summerfest). This was a legit festival, with lots of activities and food vendors. But when we got there, we found that they wanted us to play *three* sets, alternating with a band on another stage.

Paul and Tony onstage at Zomerfeest

Paul and Tony work the crowd at Zomerfeest

Those long breaks, and some willpower in keeping our stage volume low to preserve Tony’s and Paul’s voices, got us through the night. And by the end we had some new fans who will come see us again next weekend. Left home at 3pm, got back just before 3am. Just your average Festival Saturday.


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