A Show 35 Years in the Making

Blasters poster

I’m beyond excited about our February 20th show at Harlow’s with L.A. rockabilly legends The Blasters! I first saw The Blasters on Monday, March 14, 1983 at Mojos in Arcata, California. Don’t look for the club cuz it’s long gone. But The Blasters are still rockin’ and rollin’ their signature American music. Back in 1983 I […]

Performing behind bars

Chris leaning against a wall

On Thursday we played the Beveren State Prison. We’d heard from other bands that playing a prison show was cool so we decided to give it a go this tour. Beveren Prison is brand new, a state-of-the-art facility just opened this spring. Each cell has a TV and computer with limited internet access. The grounds are […]

Like a Race Horse Running!

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So a few years back I decided to take up running. I started getting winded partway through the second set and decided it was time to start moving around off the stage and stop counting “shows” as “workouts.” I’d tried running on the track team back in junior high. (You didn’t have to try out […]