Slots on the big screen

Sacramento Film and Music Festival logo

Update 09/02/2013: Join the band and the video’s directors after the screening to celebrate at Gallagher’s Irish Pub! Last month we were excited to learn that our music video for “The Devil’s Chain Gang” was accepted into the Sacramento Film and Music Festival. We’re very proud of the video and thankful to directors Jason Knight […]

Beer wonderland

The Nickel Slots each holding a beer

I’m a beer snob. I won’t claim full connoisseur status because I have several friends who know far more than I do about beer and a few who even brew their own, but I’m always looking to try new beers instead of relying on a basic Bud or Miller. So when The Nickel Slots decided […]

Five Thousand Miles Gone

Airplane over a map of Europe

Actually, it’s more than that many miles to get from Sacramento to Gierle, Belgium, closer to 5500. But however you count it, we’re less than a week from leaving on our first European tour! After playing in rock bands for years this is something that each of us has had on his bucket list, and […]

Our bottom end gets a makeover

Reverend Mercalli 5 bass in case

Go ahead and take a good, long look at the photo. I know that it’s at least caught your peripheral vision. You don’t need to read the rest of the entry first, it’s OK. I’ll wait. Damn, isn’t that beautiful? That’s my new Reverend Mercalli 5 bass in violin flame maple, which I’ve had the […]