One film fest and lots of shirts

Hey y’all, Kenny Franklin Valentine here to tell you what’s up with The Nickel Slots in August.

Roll the projectorsMovie theater screen with people talking on stage in front of it

The boys’ very cool music video for their song “The Devil’s Chain Gang” was just accepted into the Sacramento Film and Music Festival. I’m no Roger Ebert, but that seems pretty awesome to me! Save the evening of Saturday, September 14th to come see the video on a big screen at the Crest Theatre. The boys will blog about the festival soon, so they’ll have more details for you then.

Get outdoors and catch a show

This month The Nickel Slots play two free, all-ages, outdoor shows. For those of you on the east side of Sac, they’ll play at the Fountains at Roseville this Saturday. Then the Friday after that they come to my town, Woodland! They’re headlining the main stage at the Yolo County Fair again. Me and my buds’ll be at the truck demolition derby beforehand, beer tickets in hand. Gonna be a good night.

The boys also play indoors this month, another free show at the Riptide in San Fran on Saturday the 17th. I missed their show there in April, but they told me the place was a blast so I’m not gonna make that mistake this time.

Stock up on goodies

Several of you have tried to buy a Nickel Slots T-shirt at a recent show only to find that they didn’t have one in your size or style. Well, the boys are restocking their warehouse (which I think is Chris’ broom closet) right now, and will have a full selection of shirts and ladies’ tanks starting with the August 16th show. They’ll also have more of their newest item, an official Nickel Slots necklace that sold out at its first show! So if you’ve been wanting to represent, bring a few extra bucks the next time you catch the Nickel Slots and they’ll hook you up.

See you at a show sometime…


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