And the award goes to…us!

Jason Knight in front of the Crest, holding the three awardsOur music video for “The Devil’s Chain Gang” took home three awards at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival!

We attended the festival on Saturday night, along with the video’s directors Jason Knight and Sean Kime, and had a great time watching it on the big screen at the Crest Theatre in between several other music videos for local artists. Then at the awards ceremony Sunday night, Jason accepted the Best Overall Music Video audience award, the Best Overall Music Video jury award, and the Best Indie Music Video jury award. “Indie” in the latter name means that the video wasn’t produced as part of the Sac Music Seen program.

That’s Jason in the photo, holding all three awards. He told us, “Everything for the ‘Devil’s Chain Gang’ video fell into place. We had a great song, a great location, and a great crew. I am very proud of the video and it feels great to be recognized for all of our hard work. I hope everyone involved with the video is as happy with it as I am. I can’t wait to do it again.” Sean added, “The ‘Devil’s Chain Gang’ video is one of the best experiences I have had as a filmmaker. ¬†From early pre-production to finally seeing it on the big screen at the Crest Theater was an amazing journey, with a great band, a great song, and a great crew, I’m very proud of what we accomplished.”

We feel the same way. Congrats and thank you to Jason, Sean, and the rest of the crew who brought our song to life on screen!

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